Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How often do you accept applications to the PVH EMT Reserves?

A: We are always accepting applications and we interview about once a month.


Q: What are the chances of getting hired to a paid position from the EMT Reserves?

A: The majority of our paid staff, both EMT and Paramedic, came from our EMT Reserve Program. The training and experience received while in the program depends on your invested time. Our alumni work all over the United States as EMT's, Paramedics, Fire Fighters, Nurses, Physician Assistants and Physicians.

Membership in the EMT Reserve program does not guarantee a paid position with PVH or PVH EMS.


Q: Where can I go to school to become an EMT?

A: There a several schools in Northern Colorado and in the Denver area. Check out our Education Links and visit the Colorado Department of Health and Environment for a full list of approved training centers near you.


Q: What kind of shifts are available to work on?

A: We have day and night shifts that start at staggered times from 0500-0900, eveyday of the week. Every primary 911 ambulance has a third rider seat.


Q: What are the time requirements for membership?

A: As a new member, you are required to volunteer 36 hours a month or three shifts. Once you have met our probationary training requirements, then 12 hours a month is the minimum plus 2 special events.