QRT Leadership Meeting, April 26, 2012

posted Apr 27, 2012, 9:50 AM by John Stitt
In attendance:
Clay Young, PVHS EMS
Dr. David Farstad, PVHS
Larry Monesson, RCVFD
Tom Majors, PRPA
Peter Tyler, WFPD
Jim Macqueen, LCDRT
Diane Webber, LCSO Communications
Mary Makris, PFA
Debbie Francis, LCSAR
Joel Funk, LVFD
Jason Meyers PRPA
Timi Rae Burdette, RFLVFD

Old Business

QI charts were collected and the Call types for review will remain refusals, helicopter utilization, altered level of consciousness and breathing complaints.

Proposed SORT patient care report was scrapped for the time being. We will use our existing patient care reports until we need to print more.

New Business

A recommendation for internal QA/QI of trip reports is suggested to assist is a needed overall improvement in the quality of our charting.

Clay has added documentation details and classes to the outreach continuing education schedule. There is also a documentation class on the WIZiq Site for viewing.

Clay has been advised of missing and incomplete pages on the new EMSNOCO.net and PVHEMTRESERVES.ORG web sites and has made the additions. He advises that the oversight was due to the items being stored locally on his computer. Clay asks that if you notice issues, have recommendations or find errors on the site to please advise him.

Diane Webber addressed the report of narrow banding of our VHF frequencies by the F.C.C. causing a general decrease in quality of VHF radio performance in the County. Diane advises that it is projected that VHF use will be completely ineffective by 2013. The county is currently working on negotiations for placement of an 800mhz tower on South Bald Mountain. Diane and interested parties are advised to keep us abreast of information as it comes to light.

Airlink responses to the QRT’s have been well received and no problems have been reported. Dianne reported some minor notification issues in Dispatch that were addressed.

Agency Reports

Larry Monesson from RIST Canyon VFD reported multiple trauma calls due to Beetle Kill tree removal.

Mary Makris of PFA reported on the MCI drill in March. There was discussion about the need to develop a list of regional resources for use in the case of an MCI in our region. Clay will look at the process for gathering that information.

Dr. Farstad discussed the need for overall improvement in documentation and supports in house QA/QI processes to help improve.

Joel Funk from Livermore Fire Department reported on and supported the recent deployment of PVH EMS Critical Incident Scene Debriefing Team to there department. Joel gave major kudos to Thomas Cain’s “gentle insistence” to have the debriefing instead of continuing education and reported that it was very beneficial to his team.

Clay advised that as EMS Coordinators that we should be sensitive to the potential for the needs of or members, especially in our small community departments. The team can and should be requested early and threw Thomas Cain, Clay Young or the on duty field leadership at PVH EMS. This service is at no cost to departments.


All agency members can call and schedule third rides on PVH EMS Ambulances. Call Clay to schedule.

No date is scheduled for our next meeting.

Please advise of errors or important omissions.

Respectfully Submitted;

Clay Young
PVH EMS Volunteer and Special Events Coordinator