October 3, 2012 QRT Leadership Meeting Minutes

posted Oct 15, 2012, 11:42 AM by John Stitt   [ updated Oct 15, 2012, 11:48 AM ]

QRT Leadership Meeting

October 3, 2012


In attendance:

Clay Young, PVHS EMS

Dr. David Farstad, PVHS

Tom Majors, PRPA

Jason Meyers, PRPA

Jake White-Diemand, Air Link

Mary Makris, PFA

Debbie Francis, LCSAR

Old Business

QI charts were collected and the Call types for review will remain refusals, helicopter utilization, altered level of consciousness and breathing complaints.

New Business

EMT-Advanced provider training was discussed and the certification cost/procedure/time requirement did not seem like a reasonable plan. We will revisit when there is more interest.

Helicopter Utilization and Auto Launch guidelines are being looked at. Dr. Farstad is considering changing to auto-stand by and location oriented auto-launch areas such as Laramie River Road.

Jake White-Diemand, Chief Pilot for Air Link, reminded us that although predetermined landing zones are very useful to remember that they also can be dynamic. Feel free to land the helicopter at closer LZ’s when appropriate.

Jake also would like to know what the ideal helicopter for SAR would be. We will follow up on ideas from SAR.

Agency Reports

Mary Makris asked about the process for IV utilization for PFA Station #11. Mary announced the 2013 date for the Spring EMS Conference on March 7th.

Debbie Francis asked about Paramedic level treatment in the SAR team and was advised that the Paramedic’s in the QRT’s are acting as EMT-Basics


All agency members can call and schedule third rides on PVHS EMS Ambulances. Call Clay to schedule.

No date is scheduled for our next meeting.

Please advise of errors or important omissions.

Respectfully Submitted;

Clay Young

PVHS EMS Volunteer and Special Events Coordinator